I’m turning Japanese…I really think so! Tokyo Shines for our last day!

Tokyo Shines for our last day!
Shintomi-cho, Japan

Shintomi-cho, Japan

Today was a megaday!
We started really early to visit the Tsukiji Fish Market as it was touted as being the No 1 thing to do in Tokyo and it was nearly walking distance from our accomodation.            We walked of course stopping to collect a coffee on the way. We found the markets eventually and waltzed in only to be chased down by a security guard saying that we were not allowed in until 10am- it was 6!
We could see why though – at this time the markets were in full swing for the serious buyers little LPG triwheel forklifts which were mini speedy transport pallets , each driven by a busy driver on a mission. You could not get in their way – how they did not have accidents all the time! It was the first time we saw organised chaos and dirt in Japan!

The tuna was being flung around on cold, dirty floors by men with huge hooks!
We found the eating seafood markets nearby and ordered some of the seafood BBQ’d in soy sauce over charcoal grills. Richard found the biggest oyster he had ever seen.

On our walk back we decided to take the subway, we walked down to the platform only to find we were on the wrong side! As it was peak hour we had to join the queues of people walking back up the stairs , and I mean A LOT of people. We had no choice but to join the queues and ascend back to street level.
We stopped on the way back to film

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Sakura Snow flinging videos and meandered our way through our neighbourhood before having breakfast from a ticket/vending restaurant and got home in time to pack.

As we climbed to the 4th floor we were surprised to find that the Indian Restaurant on the 2nd floor was open! Was not open any of the other times, day or night that we walked these stairs. We thought we were the only ones in the building.

10,000 steps before breakfast!
After packing and showering we decided to stash our luggage at a train station and head out to the park that we knew all the sakura were flowering. We finally found a locker that could fit almost all of our luggage into it and left Russell and Zita book airport train tickets while Richard and Sue scouted the station for another locker for the remaining few items. It was quite a busy place and lockers were few and far between.

We were also concerned that we might lose our luggage forever in the labyrinth of the subway’s multiple levels if we did not pay close attention to the location.
Tickets bought and luggage stashed we head out for a beautiful last day in Tokyo. The sun was shining and Cherry Blossoms now snowing their pink petals, stall holders were packing up signifying the end of the short season and also our time in Japan.
We took many, many more photos and wandered around the park and adjoining lake.

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Simply beautiful!
We only had a short time left so we decided to find a 100yen shop to buy some head rests and trinkets – but it was more difficult that we thought with many fruitless stops along the way back to the station to pick up luggage. But we did manage to find some reasonably priced head pillows. Everything in shops is so expensive in Japan. Our visions of coming home with the latest techno-gadget were squashed by the prices.
IMG_7363There was a loooong queue at the Jetstar counter for check in and we were glad to get there early enough.
Through customs we met the Australian softball team who had had a successful event and were on their way home too.
All but Zita slept the way home and we were glad to be back in the warm sunshine again.

There is no place like home!

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