I’m turning Japanese…I really think so! Tokyo Time

img_5771.jpgTokyo Time
Shintomi-cho, Japan

Shintomi-cho, Japan

Our Sakura party organised by the free service Tokyo Greeters was cancelled due to predicted rain so that was a little disappointing. However, the manager Ushio, of Tokyo greeters himself agreed to take us on a tour and quickly set up a wet weather itinerary

10:00 Tokyo Metro Hachobori station
| Tokyo Metro. 190JPY/P
10:20 Tokyo Metro Shinbasi station
11:25 Hamarikyu Garden (http://teien.tokyo-park.or.jp/en/hama- rikyu/index.html)
| Sumida River cruise. 740JPY/P (http://www.suijobus.co.jp/en/)
12:30 Asakusa
| Walking along Nakamise-dori (http://www.gotokyo.org/en/kanko/taito/ spot/40928.html)
12:50 Asakusa Sensouji Temple (http://www.gotokyo.org/en/kanko/taito/ spot/40714.html)
| Walking
13:00 Tokyo Metro Asakusa station

So off we trot grabbing breakfast on the way to the station to meet him.
It rained most of the time.

The Hamarikyu Gardens were beautiful, with paths between the trees and a wonderful lake with little bridges over it.

Gorgeous cherry blossoms were very popular with all visitors to the park as they all took turns standing and snapping pics. img_5763.jpgWe boarded the long canal boat and set off out to the port at first then along the canals to our next stop. It was interesting talking to our guide, Ushio, learning about his life and Japanese life in general. At the Asakusa temple, the ‘Thunder Gate’ had two enormous statues on either side of the gate – one called Thunder. The entry was lined on ether side with market stalls which Zita and Susan could see as a possible trinket stopping stop on the way out.

We visited both temples and Ushio showed us how he prays at both Buddhist and Shinto temples and suggested that Christian churches are the way to go for weddings. It seems that he thinks that Japanese people like to have a bet each way. No personal relationship with God there! He had spent more than the allotted time with us so we released him with thanks and wandered through the stalls before heading back via a large department store where we had a smorgasboard which represented the tastes of Japan that we all have loved over the past 2 weeks and started to reintroduce Western style food to us again. The girls left the boys to speed shop the 6 levels of this store while they completed ravaging the buffet.

A new bag to trot loot home was purchased by R & Z. We were there until the shops shut, found our way home and watched hilarious Japanese game shows while taking a nightcap.IMG_5741

Richard lost his JR railpass on the way across the road and had to double back muttering something like “I am never getting prepared early again-I’m a last minute guy”
Step count: 24,664

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