I’m turning Japanese…I really think so! Ten Steps to Tokyo

Ten Steps to Tokyo
Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan

Hakone to Tokyo is not very far…..except when you are staying on a mountain top! Thankfully the wind had dropped though the rain had not yet ceased and we were able to use the cable cars again.

It took us 10 steps to get to Tokyo

1. Shuttle to ropewayIMG_7076

2. Ropeway to middle station

3. Bus in place of closed for maintenance ropeway

4. Cable car to local train

5. Local train to bigger local trainIMG_6790

6.Train to ShinkansenIMG_7134

7. Shinkansen to local train

8. Local train to end station

9. End station to apartment

10. 52 Stairs to apartment.

Although the weather was a bit better than yesterday, it was still quite wet, though not as cool.IMG_5667

As we approached Tokyo we could see that the warmer weather had produced more Sakura blooms than we had previously seen. We could not check into our AirBNB as the cleaner had not yet finished. We left our luggage and set off for a bike tour and adventure shop we saw on the way. Here we put our name down for a Cycle Tokyo Tour. This was on Richard’s wish list.

A quick tour around Tokyo working out the 2 different train lines was the evenings entertainment.


We left at about 5pm and by the end of the night we had done 10,000 steps so we certainly got around.

We stopped at the famous Scramble Intersection where we crossed the road several times and in a variety of ways. IMG_6816All the surrounding areas had tiny bars and restaurants most , of which, could not fit more than about 10 people in them.

The place we eventually had no people, we sat down- filling the place. We enjoyed some lovely food. We then took off for a famous Sakura hamani spot, Ueno Park.

Here there were over 1000 trees in full bloom and hundreds of people sitting on tarps eating and drinking. Last stop the Akihabara, which is a large electrical, animae and maid café district. Most of this was closed but we got the idea. We dropped by the local 7 Eleven as is our routine now to collect snacks, turned on the biggest TV in the world and watched cheesy Japanese game shows until midnight.

Step Count: 23, 980 steps

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