I’m turning Japanese…I really think so! Feeling wet, wet, wet

Feeling wet, wet, wet
Hakone-machi, Japan

Hakone-machi, Japan

As we were in the Mt Fuji viewing area we had planned to travel back via ropeway and pirate ship to the main towns that look over the lake towards Fuji. Our plans were thwarted as all cable cars, ropeway and ships were closed due to windy, rainy weather. So an alternate bus plan was created.IMG_7093

This in when we realised that no matter what we say, the Japanese speaking person will always say yes – so we confidently boarded a bus and landed way up on the mountain no where near the lake! This caused us to be standing in the rain at several different bus stops asking drivers as they passed for a way to the lake. It was cold, it was wet and it was long!

Finally we found our way to the villages and set off to find a famous parquetry shop that Russell had been eyeing off on the internet since home. We found a series of shops bought some items and then went to the parquetry and puzzle box museum where we quite happily played with all of the puzzle boxes and trick furniture for a while. Lunch was the last steamed bun in the cabinet for the Hortons and 2 of the most enormous Fuji apples for the Schuster’s after being told that the baked sweet potatoes were “2 hard, too hard” and needed more time in the coal cooker.

IMG_7077We travelled by bus back to the bottom of the ropeway where our shuttle bus dropped us earlier, to our delight it was working again as the wind had dropped. We had our own private gondola and traipsed through the boar infested forest- no really- there was a sign!

Home! After such a wet and miserable weather day we all donned our hotel wear and head off for the onsen. This time we all used every lotion and potion available and all came out relaxed and soft and smooth.

Happy hour in the Schuster’s lounge as Horton’s had elected to leave their futons ‘ just right’. We go a bit silly after our wet, wet day in our Japanese attire-

The nights meal a ginormous buffet. Russell excelled at deserts!

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