I’m turning Japanese…I really think so! Really turning Japanese

Really turning Japanese
Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto, Japan

We had chosen the train to catch the night before so we rocked up to the station to reserve seats. None. So we found some on the earlier train which gave us 20 mins to grab a snack and board. Crab and omelette sushi was the go and a coffee of course!

Second breakfast was then to be in Kyoto in true hobbit style. We were getting good at trains by this time and our JR tickets were earning their keep.

We had 3 goals for our day in Kyoto

  1. Bamboo Forest
  2. Golden Pavilion
  3. Fushimi Inari ⛩.

After dropping our bags into our ryokan, we headed out to conquer the local bus and train system of Kyoto as we had quite a bit of ground to cover.

All attractions were great but what really impressed us was the numbers of people milling around this time of year. Russell and Zita had previously visited these and were astounded at the crowds.

Of note were the men, women, girls and boys all in national dress. They are everywhere and seem to be on a sort of pilgrimage. We were surprised at the number of professional photographers taking photos of the girls in all sorts of poses. It was lovely to see generations all walking together dressed beautifully.

We finished the day with a long walk up to the fifth station at the Fushimi Inari. That was not even 1/2 way up the mountain! How these girls managed to do this in their ( thongs) and tight little kimonos!

We walked through a high end department store which reminded me of the basement of Harrods on the way home and sampled all of the cakes, chocolates, pickled unidentified brown blobs and sake – in that order!

As we were in a traditional ryokan for the night sleeping Japanese style all four of us in a room on futons on tatami mats, we collected happy hour foods to go with the sake we bought after tasting.

As well as the usual chips, cheese, crackers we decided all to choose a small unidentifiable snack item. This was fun and the results- well interesting. Nearly all was eaten.

We also found some robes to wear while eating.

Dinner was chosen by looking at a variety of menus outside establishments in languages we did’t understand! – well we really had no idea what the menu said, so we waltzed in and discovered it was a Korean BBQ not the planned Japanese cuisine. Richard and Susan had organ meats and offal and all had veges, and some bean sesame kimchi. We walked home via an electronic store and Uniqlo and then bought ice cream before bed.

Step count: 25,921

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